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牡蠣を採りに行くぞ~ということでいそいそと出発。ここのブラフオイスターは有名で毎年5月にオイスターフェスティバルがあるほど。新菜は船長さん帽をかぶせてもらってヨット操縦の特訓。そしてみんなが牡蠣の籠をあげている間のかじ取りを任されて必死の私。復路はイブさん。昔から船が欲しいと言っていたけれど、ここ最近取りつかれたようにヨットの話ばかりしている彼。私はスチュワート島まで自力でいけたらいいよな~なんて思う。ニュージーランド人はさすがだわ。この船に乗っている人達でニュージーランドからフィジーまで行ったんだって。 で、肝心の牡蠣はというと、、、5個収穫。でも海と鳥が素敵だったからよしとしよう~。 A fantastic day out on a fantastic boat with fantastic people! Yukie and I had an amazing time and managed not to throw up. The kids liked it too but were a bit put off by the sea sickness and the puking. Nina’s competition of who could throw most pizzas was exemplary of …

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pipi あさり?(ピピ) と ムール貝

DecJanFeb2014 149

Yesterday Anna and I went down to the coast to catch some waves together but unfortunately the sea was flat. On the way back we passed our favorite little town Riverton and noticed people out in the estuary collecting something from the shallow waters. We did not realize straight away that the little black dots …

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Paua fishing 黒あわび~パウア~


What an end to a long holiday! After an amazing day in the Catlins on Saturday we managed to cross off another experience off our list of must do’s over the summer holidays. I am a great enthusiast of all thing edible as long as they do not contain butter cream or lady fingers. Yukie …

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Urata beach

happy birthday Nina

We have spent an amazing few days at Urata beach, the north of Tanegashima to celebrate Nina’s birthday. The water was clear and calm and the place was heaving with fish. I managed to get all of my girls in to  snorkel although Anna was a bit reluctant and Yukie thought the sudden drop of …

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More Fish

abara lovely fresh fish

Today we got more fish. I love fish so much I could eat it all day. Me and the girls agree on this, fish if fresh can only be eaten in one way and that is raw. Forget about grilling or whatever else humans have come up with over the last 10000 years or so. …

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Study in philanthropy

sardines looking at knife

People here are treating us  very nicely. We have yet to buy vegetables. We get a near daily delivery of vegetables, weekly fresh fish and now and then some eggs, cake… Social life is demanding but really warm and rewarding. Never realized how nice people can be. Yesterday we were given 40 fresh sardines by …

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