Monthly Archive: January 2013


Boodori, Japanese farmers war dance

january2013 217

Last year I was over the moon to see Nina dance a local traditional dance. This year both Nina and Anna were dancing on 3 separate occasions. The pictures are from their last performance outside the primary school in Nishino. The cultural experience is surely one of the reasons we moved here in the first …

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Daddy has gone mad!

january2013 148

I have always wanted a boat and even nearly boat a yacht of ebay once. Well I have decided to build a Waapa outrigger sailing boat. The idea is to build it so it can be easily loaded in my truck and moved about. I have decided to build three separate parts that can be …

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Slow progress on the surfboard

january2013 452

Its slowly getting there. The fins are in and I have installed an vent to relieve pressure, all I need now is a leach plug and sealing and we are done!


Vegetable delivery

january2013 143

Today I was given so much veg that on top of what we produce ourselves there was no way we could ever eat it all. So I decided to chuck in in my truck and do delivery to all of the villagers we know that have not got gardens. Over a year in Tanegashima and …

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