Tnaegashima here we come!

This is it, the house is empty and we are travelling. Tomorrow morning we will set off for our final 20 hours plus travel to the island. We expect some bad weather and strong winds, whatever that means in Japan…

Our last few days in Whitleybay were brilliant and we realized how many good friends we have made and left behind. I will dedicate plenty of time to that a little later if I get them time to got hrough the many pictures and videos taken.

Our two girls have truly become travelers, Anna really enjoys being on the move and Nina just behaves like it is part of her normal everyday life. What have we done!

Better than a DS


  1. Helen says:

    Hi, hope you all made it safe and well and are loving your new home!!

  2. Jo bates says:

    Hoping to hear more – and see more beautiful pictures

  3. Colin says:

    Hello world travellers! Hope it’s all going well? Nice to see photos of the girls. I’m off in London but I’ll get our two to post a hello at the weekend.

  4. alisha says:

    hi it’s Alisha here missing you so much. So sorry I didn’t send you a message sooner
    I couldn’t find your website!!! hope you are having a good time in Tnaegashima ,

  5. Mark Nailis says:

    I am writing a new book called “Where is Yves”. It features a mad surfer who hides in the most unlikely places surrounded by other characters who look remarkably like him.

    So the trick is to identify the real Yves and others, which include, Yukie, Nina and Anna and some strange creatures called Treops.

    Take care mate. hope the family is OK. Saturday is not the same with out you.


  6. Alisha says:

    hi Nina guess what I have got two new pets they are Girbles!
    Well they are basically mice with very long tails I wish you could see them they
    look so cute although they push the sawdust that I put in all out of their cages!
    One of them is called Tick and the other Tack, Ticktak!
    Hope you are having a good time, see you!

    1. Yves says:

      hi alisha. sorry i didn’t have time to reply. guess what, i’ve got a new pet too . but this time it’s not anithing like a triop. it’s a cat. talking about pets how’s the triop? is it fine?

      P.S.i don’t mind if it’s dead because triops don’t live
      so long anyway.

      1. Alisha says:

        I am so happy for you Nina, sorry about your Triop it didn’t live that long.
        I am missing you so much, reply ASAP

        P.S what is your cat called and what does it look like?

        1. Alisha says:

          By the way my birthday is is in two days
          I am so excited!!!!
          Happy bithday too me!!

          1. Alisha says:

            yaay! Yesterday I had a sleepover with Aisha,
            Elly and Ayana because I celebrated my birthday.
            Oh and in two days I am going to Robin Wood

      2. Alisha says:

        Hi today I got a black eye It really hurts and it is really swollen anyway hope
        you are ok Nina

  7. Caroline Nugent says:

    Dear Nina, Anna, Mum and Dad,

    I hope you are enjoying every moment of your ‘adventure’ and that you are all settling in well. You must send some images of your new home, school (new puppy Anna :-) )etc.. so I can share them with your friends here in England.

    We all miss your smiling faces at Rockcliffe! We have 2 new libraries at school, I’m so excited! Can you remember the big walk in cupboards at the top of each staircase? Well, they have been converted into 2 new rooms. Not very big but a wonderful opportunity for us to enjoy reading.

    Keep in touch.

    Love from Mrs Nugent x

    1. Yves says:

      Hi Mrs Nugent
      We are all fine and having a great time. Its all very hectic and manic and although we are enjoying the experience very much, we hardly get any time to just stand and stare (W.H. Davies), which is a real shame. When we moved here we thought life would calm down, I would find time for myself to go surfing and spend more time with my 3 girls. We are not quite there yet. Working 16 hours a day and Nina is busy doing homework. Anna spends a lot fo time with Yukie and she is getting very good at gardening. Anna and I did spend time together a lot the first 2 months before I started a job here and we had a great time driving around in our little truck. I will be posting pictures shortly. Nina has continued her existence as a bookworm and has taken to Japanese books very quickly. Great to hear from you and please keep looking for news and keep in touch. (I am still planning to send the Rockliffe video through once I get a moment)

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