We are getting there slowly.

To anybody who knows us and reads this, we are posting bits and pieces as we get a bit of time. We have been keeping diaries and taken pictures but just have not managed to get it up. So items will pop up now and then, some will be backdated to when we actually wrote them or took pictures. Nina and Anna will be putting stuff up soon too, so keep looking.


  1. Steve Lyon says:

    I look forward to following the adventure. I’m tempted to give notice at work and go out to a little Japanese island and have my own adventure now that I’ve seen your pictures and heard a bit about what you’ve been up to. The typhoon on the boat might keep me from doing it just yet, though!

  2. Rachel, Mike and Mayapops says:

    Wow! Truly what an adventure you are having and we are envious of you! Even the seasick bit. Although an opportunity was to be had near Osaka, I’m glad you didn’t ‘cop out’ as you say! Maya misses Nina and Anna – Marden Bridge has been a big leap for her (and us!), but she is fine and growing up far too quickly. I keep doing the lottery, so you never know….

    Maya is dressing as Harry Potter for Book Day in my wig and a gown! She looks fab!

    Much love to all


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