Nina and Anna’s first surf lesson.


  1. Steve Lyon says:

    Looks like a lot of fun. Tomiyo says she wishes she could go surfing with you and she said to say hello to Nina and Anna. She misses you loads.

    1. Yves says:

      Hi Steve,
      It is a pitty we could not meet up when I was in the UK. I had a bit of a busy time but it has been well worth it. It was great to see my girls in the sea with instructors rather than me for a change. They tend to push a bit further when daddy is not in charge. I am grounded for the moment with a herniated disc so I can’t take them out. It would be great to welcome you guys here.I would love to take your kids out to surf. Lots of cultural stuff going on here too. I am trying to find time to put a bit of a photo documentary together about local life here and how it affects the way people escape mass consumer attitudes. Living close to nature and seeing things around you decay or in many cases disappear within the rampant tropical plant growth literally takes the shine of trendy commodities…

  2. joannabates says:

    Hi Yves
    Nina and Anna look like they had a great time. We were watching the Tynemouth surfers the other day.
    School holiday now for the summer, haven’t arranged much really, may go to Scotland for a few days and down to Leeds to see my sister amongst work commitments. Yorkshire sculpture park has a Miro exhibit I would love to go to. Allan is now back at work and thing are gradually getting back to normal(ish).

    Hope you feel better soon. Lots of love to Yuki and the girls.
    I’m blogging on wordpress.com as jarvisandbeetle. Its great now I can comment on here as well

    best wishes


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