Surf board building

Finally I have more time than I could wish for. I am in bed for at least 3o minutes every hour on doctors orders because of a lumbar disc herniation. I have never experienced pain like this before! I am getting better though which means I can finally spend a bit of time working on my surfboard.
I have been wanting to build a wooden surfboard for years and have attempted but never completed a board. So now I have time to spend playing in my little workshop. Everyday an hour or two is all I can manage and there is progress even if it is slow.(I have time after all)
To date I am a couple of days away from completing the deck. I had to design the clamps and various ways of maintaining pressure while gluing from scratch because specialist woodworking tools are difficult to source here on the island.
Whenever I arrive in the hardware store they already have pen and paper ready for me to draw the tools I am after. Mostly these attempts at explaining what I need are fruitless, so I end up making my own tools.
The board I am building is a mini Simmons. It is a short wide twin fin with a round nose, straight wide tail, little rocker and lots of volume.  That is the type of board that I think will work well on the island, because most days here are below 6ft and rarely hollow. It should paddle easily for early take off which suites my slow clumsy take offs.
Well first we need to finish building it and once my back is sorted I will know how it surfs.
The brd files and pdfs of the board are available to download to anybody who is interested.


  1. hermesus says:

    hey man, I see you’re living the dream :) finally building your surfboards. great stuff! hope you are feeling better. we are thinking of travelling to JP next year with Mark. he’s turning one on Sunday so should be ready for some adventure. any idea when’s best to go for a little 2 week trip?

    say hi to to all three girls from me. Kamil

  2. Yves says:

    Hey great to hear from you! Where to go I do not need to tell, you will be coming south I hope. When depends on where. July 15 onwards is ok here, April is also nice. May is to be avoided as is June, it gets awfully damp and it rains every day. evrything gets mouldy and smells. So I suggest August, September and October.

  3. hermesus says:

    April sounds the most likely. is travelling in a car around Japan and between the islands at all a good idea? can you drop me an email at k.surname@gmail.com – will be easier to ping-pong.

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