The (R)Otter

I spent one evening randomly looking at a few yachts online when I cam across a very reasonably priced 39 ft keeler. If you imagine a spark hitting a pile of kerosene infused straw you more or less get the picture of what happened to my mind. I realised that the little dream I had been harboring for a few years suddenly became reality. I was going to do this and there was no going back.
Listening to the by now very silent voice of reason I decided to meet with a couple of local yacht owners. I was hoping that they might be able to put out the fire blazing away ferociously. The logic was clear. I have no experience sailing big yachts and surely committing to such a time and money eating hobby without plenty of prior experience is madness.
I did not expect the couple yacht club members to arrive at our lunch meeting bringing along a canisters of petrol. Instead of calming things down they made things worse. They assuring me that now was the best time to get into yachting and that prior knowledge was overrated. They explained that when it comes to yachting it is all about thinking with your heart and not with your head. I reckon I am quite an expert.
Well after 2 weeks of manically browsing the internet I have a boat. Reason did win over a little in the end and I have committed to a 2 year lease and plenty of mentoring from a local sailor. Isn’t she beautiful.

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