pipi あさり?(ピピ) と ムール貝

Yesterday Anna and I went down to the coast to catch some waves together but unfortunately the sea was flat. On the way back we passed our favorite little town Riverton and noticed people out in the estuary collecting something from the shallow waters. We did not realize straight away that the little black dots in the distance were actually bent over people. They looked more like rocks scattered around the seashore.
After we realised what they were up to we both got excited. “Hey Anna they are picking shellfish! Shall we try and get some before we head home?” Anna is not one to say no to any challenge especially if it involves running around the beach. So we made it down to the estuary and started looking for shells. According to Anna you need to look for little breathing holes in the sand and then dig. My head started filling up with images of myself presenting a big catch of shells to Yukie on return. Muscles in white wine…. but deep down I was doubtful. It is never quite that easy. We were unsuccessfull and gave up after about 10 minutes of digging.

If in doubt, ask the friendly locals! So we waited for an elderly couple to wade out of the shallow water and walked towards them to find out what they had been collecting. Pipi shells they explained are easy picking and taste beautiful. We obviously had missed the moment and the tide was now far to high to collect anything. Anna and I had a quick taste and to my amazement they were beautifully fresh and I was stunned at how nice these little shells tasted although a bit sandy.

We went home empty handed but we had an idea. Next morning we were back at low tide and we were in for a surprise. It was a bit like finding Aladdin’s cave. All we had to do was bend down and pick up the shells and once we had our share more friendly locals told us about further secret spots so we went on to get mussels…


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