Optimistic or plainly stupid?

Hey finally after a few days in Yukie’s home town and a visit to her old teacher we are on our way to the island. It was great to meat Yukie’s old teacher again. I met him some 15 years ago when we tried to setup an exhibition in Kyoto city centre and used his connections to get into the gallery. In Japan connections are everything, I guess that is the same everywhere around the world but here its blatantly obvious. After speaking to him for around 20 minutes and elaborating our plans for the future which we have not yet figured out ourselves, he offers us a couple of jobs and a place to stay on Niijima island not too far from Osaka. Yukie could get involved with restorations of traditional Japanese houses while I could take up a paid apprenticeship with the local cabinet maker who apparently is a renowned master in Japan. The island is full of international artists and everybody speaks English. What a great opportunity! But after having spent a year convincing ourselves that going off to live on a remote island with no concrete plans and no work or house to go to is a great adventure, a well organised internationally renowned artist community with a job a house and plenty of English speakers seems like a bit of a copout . So much to his amusement, we declined.
So we are off to the island with no news as yet from the support centre in Tanegashima who are supposed to organise our house. Optimism very often equates to stupidity and lots of “I told you so!” type of situations further down the line but as we wade our way throughpouring rain and climb the ladder onto the boat that leaves from Osaka taking us south I am quite confident it will all turn out ok.



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